Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Ok this doesn't strictly answer the question "what is a book?" but I came across it in the latest issue of Graphik and was rather impressed. A2/SW/HK was commisioned to create a new corporate image for Faulkner Browns Architects which had had a big restructuring within its business model, they wanted their new identity to reflect the remodeling that had occured within the company. The designs main building blocks were created out of the negative space from Brown Faulkeners name and the identity as a whole was all about simplification and reduction, it included the creation of a bespoke typeface. They used this 'tool kit' or visual language right across the companies idntity from coffee cups to screen savers to completely overhaul the companies image. I think it is a brilliant piece of graphic design and like the way they took some very simple elements and aplied them creatively across a huge range of media to create a very sophisticated and strong identity. Your can look at more of A2/SW/HK's work here.

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