Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tings and Tings

Right its sunday and I've been a bit lazy this weekend but thats all about to change. I'm working on my "Good" project trying to get the concept right which is coming on pretty well. I also submitted my poster to Don't Panic which in the end I was pretty happy with, I spent a large amount of time feeling pretty demoralised with it just beacuse I spent ages tracing it and colouring it and then I thought it was shit. So I'm glad I got it to work half decently in the end.

For the "good" project i have decided that having your own opinion is good. So I am trying to promote people to think for themslves and be more interested and open minded towards other peoples opinions.

I was looking at the Adbuster website and particualy like their One Flag campaign I really like some of the abstract designs and how they represnt diversity and unity like this one by Kate McIness.

Tou can see more of the entries and read about them by scrolling towards the bottom on the link above.

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