Monday, 24 August 2009

(Long overdue) Blog Update

Well I should have probably updated this about 2 months ago but better late than never.

The summer has been amazing; I should probably start from the begining. On the day we handed in our final project of last year I got a phone call for a friend in York asking if I wanted some work over the summer, at a place called company of cyclist, doing some graphic design work, some phoography and a bit of other random work. Although I kind of wanted a break after working pretty hard that term I thought this was a good oppertiunity and took it. It turned out to be good experienec and well paid. Some of the photos I took for them got printed in this brochure which was pretty exciting.

Then I went to Lismore for a week with some mates which was definately a highlight of my summer, perfect weather and a chance to spend some quality time with my best mates.

After scotland I went down to London for two weeks to do a placement at 19-77 which overall I would say was an awsome experience. Living in London was loads of fun and made me think I probably want to go down there when I graduate. They also used a lot of the work I did for them which was really exciting.

I designed this album cover of KPM which is a music library, they changed all the colours and stuff and made it lookn a bit garish

This is what it looked like before they made me change all the colours

When I got back from London I spent 2 weeks at home doing nothing and got so unbelievebly bored, that starting a new internship in York came as a massive relief. I am at the end of my first week now and it is going well.

I've set up a new blog to documnt stuff I like HERE

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