Saturday, 24 May 2008

3d Alphabet

I came across this video while researching 3D lettering its really cool and gave me some interesting tdeas about how i could construct letterforms.

I also tried to find some places that sell 3D letter for, I found this website that sells acrylic and foam 3D letters but they cost around £5 each so its not really practical for this project in terms of buying a large number of them.

I also tried searching for nets for 3D letters and i couldn't find any on the internet so I decided to make one myself, I quickly realise why there arn't any on the internet: because they are complicated as f**k and very fidly to make.

This is a net for an M

This doesn't look to bad but when you look at it close up it is quite scruffy and it took a long time to make, not really practical to make a lot of.

I tried making them out of card this was a bit better but again very time consuming and when it came to doing curved letters it didn't really work.

I may have to scrap the idea of actual 3D lettering. I have some plans which are simpler and more appropriate.

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Lucy Barfoot said...

Hello! found your blog whilst searching for 3d letter nets. Just included you in my blog, and found an exciting discovery - someone's made a font with the nets included in them. YES!