Monday, 2 June 2008

Speaking from Experience

I finally seem to have managed to work out the format and content for the speaking from experience final pieces. They are going to be A2 fold out posters possibly with some A4 fold out versions that would fit in your wallet. I decided on the fold out format because it would allow me to do my original idea of poster campaign but I could add a bit more depth of information. It would also give the object more of a role or purpose: The posters could be given out to the first years and they would give them ideas and information on things they could do to unwind that don't involve drinking.

This is an early test piece investigating the fold out format. The content hadn't really been finalised at this point. I found deciding on a format helped me pin down the content. I had been looking at fold out pieces like this from Monica Nelson. Also a lot of things from experimental jetset like this.

Once I had got the format I designed its contents. This basically contains a little drawing exercise showing you how to draw a hand. It will be part of a set of 3. I had got the content and format sorted... just a few more tweaks to get the front and back cover right.

Unfortunately I was tired while I was doing this so I forgot to remove the grid before it was printed. Its quite interesting though as it gives you an idea of how the layout is constructed.

This time I thought I had it. I got another piece of paper out and set it off printing again... only this time I forgot to put the paper in the right way when I was printing the second side! Great work! It gives a pretty interesting finish although it is completely useless.

By this time I'd run out of yellow paper (and patience) but i managed to get it printed out properly. This is just an A4 test piece the final posters will probably be A2.

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